Yellow Sapphire Stone

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The most respectful and revered planet Jupiter has the distinction of being the Guru of the Gods. The planet Jupiter, known for its Brahmatej and Vidushita, has the same honor in the nine astrological planets. With the brightness of Jupiter in the universe, we show our planetary influence equally vigorously. The person whose planet Jupiter is in auspicious position in the birth chart, that person never lacks in happiness and good luck. But if this planet Jupiter comes into a weak or inauspicious state, then it creates many kinds of obstacles and troublesome situations.

The representative gem of the planet Jupiter is Pukhraj. It is a mineral stone and is found in many parts of the world. Analysis obtained from chemical experiments has shown that a mixture of elements such as aluminum, hydroxyl and fluorine are present. By the way, there is also another caste which is predominant sand. This yellow sapphire of Sikata class is low in hardness, not smooth, but rough with normal shine.

The best yellow sapphire is obtained in both white and yellow colors. The white yellow sapphire is considered particularly excellent in this. This gem is available or found in many countries across the world, so depending on the variation of the country, this gem is also available in other colors.

Pukhraj stone is available in transparent form. On the basis of color differences, it is also classified into four varnas - Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra. Any yellow sapphire gemstone available in white color looks like a diamond jewel. Not only this, even fraudulent and clever gem traders sell it as a diamond gem. The same thing also comes with regard to yellow sapphire. The yellow colored stone is exactly the same as the yellow sapphire gem. Therefore, by taking advantage of this deceptive form, many fraudulent and clever gemstone traders make a huge amount from customers by telling them to be real yellow sapphire gems. Due to the generality in appearance, color, luster and transparency, traders get safe success in selling white yellow sapphire as diamond gemstone and yellow crystal as yellow sapphire gem. The business of crores of rupees runs on the same deception in the name of Pukhraj stone.

Yellow sapphire stone is found in Orissa region of central India. Most gems merchants or Johri sell it as a yellow sapphire and earn a hefty profit. The values, qualities and effects which are present in Pukhraj Ratna are very rare in yellow crystal. India cannot be classified as a country producing Pukhraj, but other countries of the world like Sri Lanka, Ural Mountains, Brazil, Burma and Japan have the distinction of its origin.

Pukhraj is a very popular gem and its description is found in many languages of the world. Known as Pushparag, Pitamani, Gururatna and Pushparaj in Sanskrit, this gemstone is called Piluraj in Gujarati, Pokhraj in Bengali, Phokaj in Punjabi and Pushparag in Kannada. In the Burmese language it is mentioned by the name Outfia. The term Yellow sapphire has been used for this in English literature.

Identification of pure yellow sapphire

Cheating is common in Kaliyuga, for the sake of small things and profits, man is resorting to fraud, though fraud is fraud in the sale of all gems, but in the case of Pukhraj Ratna, it shows its extreme form. In order to identify the real fake, experts have revealed their many opinions, which, when implemented, leads to the knowledge of yellow sapphire being real or fake. Some of these tests are as follows - If the sparkle works or fades after rubbing the yellow sapphire gemstone with cow dung, then the gemstone is fake, but if it increases the brightness further, then the yellow sapphire gem is real.

If the gemstones crackle or break when heated or hot on the top, it is fake. It is fake even if there is no change in color. If chopped or not broken at high temperature, it is real and if it is heated to high temperature, if it changes color to completely white, then it is real.

By placing a real yellow sapphire gem in a place where a poisonous animal is stung, the effect of the poison is slowed.

Leave Pukhraj in milk for one day, one night. Try it out later. If its brilliance is like that of the former, then the yellow sapphire gem is real, but if the brightness is low or faded, the impression of the yellow sapphire is fake.

If the yellow sapphire gemstone is put on a white cloth in the sun, then the yellow aura with the original yellow sapphire gemstones is shed.

Yellow sapphire gems

According to astrologers, the person whose planet Jupiter is in a weak state in the horoscope, then it is beneficial and welfare for the person to wear pure yellow sapphire gems. If the girls who are not getting married or are having difficulty in marriage, if such girls wear the yellow sapphire gems, then the marriage ends soon. Housewives who have a lack of happiness with children and husbands get happiness by wearing yellow sapphire gems. Wearing Pukhraj Gems calms many types of physical, mental, intellectual and divine deflections. If a person, after analyzing his horoscope with an experienced astrologer, in the first day of the day, on the day of Guru Guru Pushya, wears an innocent and genuine yellow sapphire gem in a ring made of gold metal, then he gets many benefits. Put Pukhraj or Yellow Sapphire in a golden ring and wear it after the sun rises on any Shukla Paksha on Thursday, making it a life-long person. For this, first put the Anguthi in milk, Ganges water, honey, ghee and sugar solution, then burn the five agarbatti names of Brahaspati Dev and pray that O Brahaspati Dev I will wear your representative Gemstone Pukhraj to get your blessings. I am kindly giving me your blessings. After removing the ring 108 times by chanting "Om Brahm Braspatiye Namah", rotate the ring 108 times above the agarbatti and then touch the ring at the feet of Vishnu and hold it in the index finger.

According to Aryuvedacharyas, if a person who suffers from diseases and disorders like heart disease, breathing, cough, asthma, etc., if his person is wearing Pukhraj Ratna, then his disease is prevented.

Pukhraj stone, apart from being quality, is also the reason for the generation of some plagues. It is not necessary that the person who holds it will get happiness, benefits and compatibility. So in other words, this gem is not beneficial for every person. Without considering the horoscope, if the Pukhraj Ratna is worn in the hostility of the planets, it gives terrible results. If yellow sapphire is fake, or even faulty despite being real, then in such a situation horoscope analysis results in terrible loss rather than profit. Therefore, it is very important to be innocent of Pukhraj Ratna despite being genuine. It is said about Sadosh Pukhraj.

The wearing or use of Pukhraj Gems with light, striped, milky color, webbed, black spatter or white dots is completely prohibited. Pukhraj gemstone with red splash, pits, scratches and two colors together is also a negative factor.

Substitute yellow sapphire gem

In the absence of true and flawless Pukhraj Ratna, the Ratna astrologers have also described some remedies for its replacement, which are not as effective and virtuous as Pukhraj Ratna, but they do have some effect in comparison. It is also believed that if these uratnas are worn for some more time, then the result of Pukhraj Ratna can also be obtained.

Above Pukhraj are described as follows - (1) Sunaila, (2) Keru, (3) Gheeya, (4) Sonal, (5) Kesari. Among them, Sunaila and Kesari are found in India, the rest originating in Iran and Afghanistan. Sonal is also obtained in Sri Lanka. The origins of Keru are Burma and China provinces. All these uratnars are light yellow in color and give partial effect with yellow sapphire gemstone after holding.

Therapy through Yellow sapphire Ratna

According to the description in Ayurveda scripture, many incurable diseases are also treated through the Pukhraj stone. Due to being an expensive gem, this gem is not accessible to the common man, but even then one who has it, can benefit from yellow sapphire as per the disease in this way

⇒ The use of yellow sapphire is beneficial for the prevention of heart disease, cough, bleeding, blood pressure, blood pressure, bleach, burns, biliary disorders etc.

⇒ If Pukhraj is kept in the mouth for a while, then denture, deodorant of the mouth and other throat and mouth related disorders like - tonsils, blisters, wounds etc. are prevented.

⇒ The use of the ash of Pukhraj Ratna on Kas, Arsh, Astveda etc. is very beneficial.

⇒ By dissolving or dissolving yellow sapphire in Kevra water, giving the patient drink, the defects or disorders related to liver, spleen and kidney are calmed.

⇒ Rub the Pukhraj gemstone with honey, after that licking the solution, it provides benefits in Pandu, Kamala and fever.