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According to Indian astrology, every planet is represented by a special gemstone. By wearing this gemstone, it becomes auspicious by reducing the inauspicious benefits of that planet. For example, if Saturn is inauspicious Saturn in someone horoscope should wear blue sapphire stone. Some people are unable to buy these gems because they are expensive, they should wear substitute. Substitute is slightly different from the real gems in chemical (chemical composition) but its astrological effects are similar to expensive gems. Similarly, every gem does not suit every sign.

Ruby: According to astrology it is the gemstone of the sun. In looking at the ruby stone, there is a red colored transparent stone, which when kept in the sunlight, flames like fire are seen. It gives mental balance by controlling the heat of the body. Wearing rubies, the sun becomes favorable and opens the way for your progress. Manikya Singh is the gem of the zodiac. Garnet is a gemstone, if you are unable to buy expensive rubies, you can also wear garnet. Wearing rubies or rubies in gold and copper metal is auspicious.

Pearls (moti) are worn to make moon favorable, Pearl stone is soft in appearance. People who are extremely prone to mental stimulation are also advised to wear pearls. It is considered very auspicious for Gemini people. You can also wear moonstone, white coral or opal in case you cannot buy pearls. The pearl should be worn in silver.

The gemstone of Mars is coral (pearl-like) gem in seeing coral (moonga). It comes only in elliptical and triangular shape. Those who are making Mars inauspicious yoga in their horoscope are advised to wear coral. One should consult the experienced astrologer before wearing coral as it is said to be auspicious for both Aries and Scorpio, but its effect is different on both zodiac signs. It can also be worn by politicians, military, police, building and lab workers of a hospital. Coral should never be worn with sapphires, diamonds, onyx and garlic. People unable to buy coral gemstones should wear red agate. Coral should always be made by making gold or copper metal.

Panna (Emerald) Being Mercury's stone brings good luck to the students and those who study. Their color varies from light green to darker. Wearing it calms the pain of Mercury. People with Gemini and Virgo Ascendant can also wear Panna. Emerald is very expensive and not everyone can buy it, in such a situation you can also wear jade, aquamarine, turquoise or annex. Panna is always wear in silver.

Yellow Sapphire (pukhraj) is the gemstone of the Guru. It is considered very auspicious for those seeking spiritual advancement. Wearing Pukhraj for people of Sagittarius and Pisces sign makes Sobha Gyvriddh. It is transparent in appearance and is found only in white, spring and yellow colors. Above Pukhraj, the tiger is a golden yellow agate. It is worn in gold metal.

Diamond is worn for compatibility with the Venus planet. By wearing diamond, the negative effects of Venus are removed and opened by prosperity. According to astrology, wearing a diamond makes the love / marital relationship favorable and makes a person's life happy. Diamond is worn in silver or platinum. Not everyone can buy diamonds because they are very expensive, in this case you can wear diamonds by buying jerkin, rhinestone, white topaz, opal.

Blue Sapphire (neelam) is stone of Saturn planet. The quick effect of wearing amethyst is well-known. It is said that when Amitabh Bachchan went into the darkness of failure, it was auspicious for him to wear sapphire and he again managed to get his stardom. Sapphire is similar to diamond in view but blue in color. It is also considered auspicious for the Virgo zodiac. Sapphire is also a very expensive stone, in which one can wear Amethyst, lapis lazuli, Blue Topaz. It is worn only in gold or metal.

Onyx: removes the evil influence of Rahu from a person's life and brings him in the right direction. Onyx fills the life of a person with love, prosperity and prosperity by preventing mental turmoil, wrong decision and unforeseen loss. Onyx is worn with silver plated in silver. The oranges above the onyx are Zircon and hessonite.

Cat’s Eye Stone: Worn for the peace of Ketu. Cat’s eye and alexandrite is substitute of Ketu. Both these gems are worn in silver.